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Department of Dermatology


Shengqing Ma
Chief Physician   Professor (by appointment)  
Expertise, Disease and Conditions:
Pathological diagnosis of skin diseases; Skin cosmetology

Work Experience: Formerdirector of dermatology department at Peking University First Hospital

Certification: Society of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Association; Associate Editor-in-chief for Chinese Journal of Dermatology; Enjoys special government allowances

Education: Stanford University, USA




Jin Liu
Chief Physician   M.D
Expertise, Disease and Conditions:
Beauty injection; Laser treatment

Work Experience: Grade IIIA hospitals, International clinics and aesthetic chain institutions

Certification: Society of Laser Medicine, Chinese Medical Association; Laser subcommittee, Chinese Optical Society

Education:Visiting dermatologist at affiliated hospital of Marburg University School of Medicine in Germany; Protégé of Professor J. Petres, Chairman of German Dermatology Association



Youlian Zhang
Chief Physician


Expertise, Disease and Conditions:Erythema; Hemochromatosis; Capillary lesion

Work Experience: over 40 years;Former director of dermatology department at Fuxing Hospital

Certification: Society of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Association; Chinese Senior Professors Association Medical Committee



Hong Cheng
Attending Physician


Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Laser treatment; Skin treatment with fruit acid; Skin allergy; Acne; Color spot; Dermal proliferative disease

Work Experience: over 10 years

Certification:Society of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Association

Education: Capital Medical University



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