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Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

GlobalCare’s Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery integrates with global leading technology and advantageous resources through regular systematic academic exchange with global renowned universities including Harvard University and University of Cambridge. The Department employs more than 20 specialists from national top hospitals and experts from Israel and Korea. It adopts plastic surgery techniques that fit the beauty demands of both Asian and western women.

The five centers within the Department provide a full series of aesthetic plastic surgery programs, from facial sculpture, body contouring, to skin management. With its patented cutting-edge cosmetology technologies, advanced diagnosis and treatment equipments, first class luxurious environment, and high-quality service platform, the Department becomes the benchmark in the medical cosmetology industry for helping women realize a beauty dream. GlobalCare was awarded "The Most Trusted Plastic Surgery Provider For Consumers”.


Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Maxillofacial Sculpture              Eyebrow Lift                                     Rhinoplasty     Lip Sculpture
Facial Rejuvenation                  Breast Sculpture                             Body Lift           Liposuction
Liposculpture                             Gynecological Plastic Surgery     Scar Repair  
Hair Replacement                     Renovation & Reconstruction

Skin Beauty Laser Center

 RF & Accent Lift (Face & Body)    M6   Body lift  Green Laser Facial Care Skin Rejuvenation                   Fractional Lasers
Laser 360°Skin Care                    3D IPL             Q-switch Laser Pigment   
NIR Skin Whitening                       Laser Hair Removal 

Noninvasive Injection Beauty Center

RestyLane                                       Cell Sculpture                  Sunmax
EME                                                  Evolution                            Fat Injection
Botox                                                Whitening Injection 

Medical Skincare Center

Fruit Acid Pulling                           Face Oxygen Therapy                   Lipolysis Shape   
Negative Pressure                       Radiofrequency Skincare             Breast Beauty Equipment 

Fashion Tattoos Center 

Eyebrow Tattoos                          Eye-Liner Tattoos          Lip Tattoos
Fashion Tattoos                           Labia Dyeing
Laser Tattoos Removal (eye-liner, lip-liner, body tattoos ) 


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