GLOBALCARE Women and children’s Hospital (Previously Beijing WUZHOU Women’s Hospital), a member of the Peking University People’s Hospital Medical Group, is a comprehensive medical organization based on general practice services and distinguished by its OB/GYN and Pediatrics expertise. The hospital is fully certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001, and complies with “Hospital Accreditation Standard” issued by The Joint Committee International to provide healthcare services and safety system with international standards. The hospital is conveniently located in the CBD area with warm, elegant and fashionable environment. With its world-class medical equipments and experienced specialists from national renowned grade ⅢA hospitals (such as XIEHE Hospital, Beijing Hospital, TIANTAN Hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, etc.), the hospital is committed to providing a full spectrum of high quality and personalized medical services to its customers.

GLOBALCARE •Dentistry, the Department of Stomatology at GLOBALCARE

With its professional physician and nursing teams, cutting-edge technique and leading technologies, the Department of Stomatology at GLOBALCARE Provides a series of dental services ranging from oral medicine, dental surgery, dental restoration, orthodontics, to aesthetic dentistry. The specialist team members are all from dentistry department at Grade ⅢA hospitals and Dentistry Hospital of Beijing. Their rich clinical experiences and considerate services will ensure that every guest’s needs are met.

GLOBALCARE•Dentistry is committed to providing high-end dental services. We adopt advanced international hospital management philosophy and strictly follow the sterilization & disinfection standards Issued by American Dental Association. For the past eight years, we have been providing the best in dental services to the expat societies, multinational organizations, and local communities. By 2013, the number of guest visit broke the record of 1milion.

Since 2008, GlobalCare Dentistry has built partnerships with international medical insurers and has been selected by multinational firms and embassies as their designated dental health provider.

Expert Team of Authority:

Experienced specialists from national renowned Grade ⅢA hospitals are committed to providing a full spectrum of high quality and personalized medical services to their customers.

Winning the Trust with Professionalism:

Our medical team is composed of the most outstanding doctors and nurses in their field. They are all advocators in adopting the latest cutting-edge technology in dental care to provide you with painless, minimally invasive and personalized treatments.

Every Guest is a Family Member:

This is the philosophy of GLOBALCARE• Dentistry and executed through sincere smile and meticulous treatments.

Quality above all:

Through individual case discussions, analysis of complex reports, screening, consultation, and a strict set of quality control systems, we ensure that every guest receives the best treatment experience throughout the whole process. “Quality is the spirit of the clinic” is the consensus of every member on the medical team.

Sterilization & disinfection standards: GLOBALCARE•Dentistry strictly follows the requirements set by national health authorities and the American Dental Association (ADA). Patient-care items (dental instruments, devices, and equipments) were cleaned, sterilized and disinfected under the strictest standards before each use. Disposable items are used and environmental infection controls are in place to avoid cross-infections.

Painless: The applications of local anesthesia techniques and anesthesia apparatus imported from USA provide the guests with a more comfortable and painless experience. It helps the guests, particularly children, dredge tension and anxiety.

Minimally Invasive, Natural, and Personalized: Our distinguished specialties are in teeth whitening solutions and dental implant based on periodontal health.

Advanced Equipments from World Top Brands:

Imported equipments from world top brands, centralized sterilization procedure, and decontaminated compressed air and treatment water, all work together to bring the guests with high quality and comfortable dental experiences.

Efficient and Safe:

GlobalCare• Dentistry is equipped with top dental instruments imported from Germany, including ZEISS root canal microscope, KAVA comprehensive dental station. PROMAX digital panoramic X-ray system, imported from Finland, reduces radiation exposure by up to 90% and improves efficiency and accuracy by over 60% compared with conventional film-based systems. Image is readily available in a couple of seconds at chair side./

All advanced equipments help ensure a high quality dental experience.

Clean & Elegant:

Individual treatment rooms are set up for dental implant surgery, pediatrics, orthodontics, and dental cosmetology. Family style waiting room helps bring relaxation to our guests.

Private and Comfortable Treatment Environment:

Privacy is under full consideration and five-star hotel services are offered to ensure safe, smooth and pleasant medical experiences.

Considerate Quality Services

GLOBALCARE•Dentistry is committed to providing lifelong dental management services to its guests through reservation system, medical guidance service, multi-language service, one-on-one private treatment, follow-up system, and 24-hour healthcare consultations.

Private Dental Services

Reservation system
Step-by-step follow-ups
Meticulous teeth cleaning reminders and oral health guidance

Comprehensive Dental Treatment

a) Complex dental diseases
b) Root canal treatment under microscope
c) Periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis
d) Painless, minimally Invasive and oligodynamic tooth extraction
e) Fixation of loose teeth


3D Instant Dental Implant
World Top Brand Dental Implant
World Top Brand Implant Systems such as ANKYLOS, NOBEL, ITI, etc


Invisible Orthodontics   Orthodontics for adults and children

Pediatric Dentistry

Prevention and treatment of common pediatric dental diseases such as cavities, teeth trauma, anodontia, and abnormal teeth replacement

Teeth Examination, including group exam packages          and individual exam packages Dental Care Consultations
Aesthetic Dentistry
a) Dental Cosmetology

Designed for adults to treat a variety of teeth defects and anodontia:

1) Porcelain Veneers

2) VITA Beauty Crown

3) BIONIC Beauty Crown from USA

4) German LASER Zirconium-oxide Porcelain Crown

5) Precise Porcelain Crown

b) Teeth Whitening

British Anti-allergy Wy10 Teeth Whitening; Laser Teeth Whitening

c) Teeth Cleaning

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning, Polishing, Airflow Polishing

d) Geriatric Complex Prosthodontics


Recovery and Restoration of Occlusion

Designated Hospital for Beijing Basic Social Medical Insurance
※ Designated Hospital for Beijing Basic Social Medical Insurance

Direct Billing Partnership with nearly 40 National and International Insurance Carriers

No Holidays Monday-Sunday:8am-5pm Cash and Bank Cards [Debit Cards, Credit Cards]
Kids’ Playground

Playground is designated
for children at all ages.

Complimentary Coffee and Drinks

Free coffee and soft drinks are
offered to guests all year round.

Complimentary Cable and WIFI Services

Every guest at GlobalCare• Dentistry, whether receiving treatment or waiting, can enjoy the pleasure of web surf.

Complimentary Parking

GlobalCare• Dentistry’s independent parking lot brings convenience to guests.

Special Oral Care Services for Group Customers

GlobalCare• Dentistry Group Services – offers oral care solutions to executives and HR personnel of enterprises and business groups. Group packages and oral care plans can be tailored to meet each company’s needs.

Club Alliance

GlobalCare• Dentistry has built alliance platform with over 30 national renowned chambers and clubs. Regular and irregular oral care information and discounts are sent to members of partnered chambers and clubs.

Bank VIP Discount Provider

GlobalCare• Dentistry has become the contract merchant for more than 10 banks, providing special health care offers.

VIP Member Services

Members of GlobalCare VIP Club and GlobalCare International Healthcare Club enjoy special offers and discounts. Qualified members are offered GlobalCare• Dental Charge Card. Respected members and their families are entitled to free annual services, discounts, promotions and events not available to the public.


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