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Health Management Center

GlobalCare’s Health Management Center is equipped with advanced medical instruments and adapts international health management philosophy. The Center provides comprehensive and personalized health management services with psychology, nutrition and disease prevention aspects. Nationally renowned specialists and professors customize health improvement plans based on individual patient’s exam results with a high respect to privacy. 


Health management

Health Management services include physical exams, health management consultations, health improvements, nutrition, psychological consultations, chronic disease management, health preservation for women, disease diagnosis etc. A variety of physical exam packages are provided for populations with different age, sex and lifestyle conditions. A special prenatal exam package is offered to expectant mothers.

24-Hour Private Health Assistant

A private health assistant helps the patients with health management consultation and assists in arranging and keeping the medical record around the clock. The assistant coordinates with the specialists to create health improvement plans for the patients, tracks and reminds the patients to execute improvement plans and make follow-up appointments. The assistant can help arrange multi-functional consultation, treatment, hospitalization services and in-home pharmacy, as well as provide healthcare information on demand through the web and emails.


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