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Department of Breast Surgery

The Department of Breast Surgery is led by experienced specialists and supported by advanced equipments and technology. It is the industry leader in diagnosis and treatment of mammary gland diseases in China. The Department adopts Iontophoresisand Minimally Invasive Surgery techniques and creates an integrated treatment system combining traditional Chinese herb, acupuncture and massage. The system effectively diagnoses and treats a variety of mammary glands diseases such as hyperplasia of mammary glands, benign tumor of breast, breast cancer, etc. The Department is highly acclaimed for its innovative therapies, including massage to unblock the lactiferous ducts for treating acute puerperal mastitis and “3-level & 4-component method” for treating hyperplasia of mammary glands.

 The Department also provides services in breast shaping and care, mammary glands remedy and mammary glands cosmetology surgery, which help women maintain the health and beauty of the breast and prevent and treat mammary glands diseases.

 GlobalCare has invested RMB30M in building a healthcare management platform for sophisticated women through its Pink Ribbon Healthcare Management Club.


Mammary Glands Healthcare

Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Mammary Glands Diseases

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Mammary Glands Examination

Technique Highlights

Breast Skin Care

Endocrine Treatment of Mammary Glands


Gene Therapy for Breast Cancer

Ultrasound for Mammary Glands


Breast Exercise

Non-operative Treatment of Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands

Breast Conservation Procedure for Breast Cancer

Molybdenum Target Radiographic of Breast


Integrated Treatment System Combining Traditional Chinese Herb, Acupuncture and Massage


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