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Department of Obstetrics


GlobalCare world-class Department of Obstetrics is led by a team of renowned experts from national grade IIIA hospitals such as Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital and Aerospace Central Hospital. It utilizes top-notch equipments such as Model Bensberg from Belgium and Hillrom parturition bed from USA and provides international and personalized delivery experiences. Advanced maternity service philosophy and convenient service procedures lead a new direction for China’s maternity services industry.

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  • Birth Doula
  • Medicine pain-reduction parturition
  • Psychological analgesis parturition
  • In-water parturition
  • Modern Cesarean Section





Remote Fetal Heart Monitoring

Birth Doula

Healthcare for Newborns

Premature Birth Prognosis through Fetal Fibronection (ffN)

Medical Pain-Reduction Parturition

Direct Rooming-In (DRI)

Noninvasive Prenatal Gene Testing

Psychological Analgesis Parturition

Newborn Swimming and Touching

Obstetric Psychology Clinic

In-water Parturition

Postpartum Rehabilitation

Pregnancy School

Modern CesareanSection

Mammary Glands Healthcare











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