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Department of Obstetrics


GlobalCare world-class Department of Obstetrics is led by a team of renowned experts from national grade IIIA hospitals such as Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital and Aerospace Central Hospital. It utilizes top-notch equipments such as Model Bensberg from Belgium and Hillrom parturition bed from USA and provides international and personalized delivery experiences. Advanced maternity service philosophy and convenient service procedures lead a new direction for China’s maternity services industry.

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  • Birth Doula
  • Medicine pain-reduction parturition
  • Psychological analgesis parturition
  • In-water parturition
  • Modern Cesarean Section





Remote Fetal Heart Monitoring

Birth Doula

Healthcare for Newborns

Premature Birth Prognosis through Fetal Fibronection (ffN)

Medical Pain-Reduction Parturition

Direct Rooming-In (DRI)

Noninvasive Prenatal Gene Testing

Psychological Analgesis Parturition

Newborn Swimming and Touching

Obstetric Psychology Clinic

In-water Parturition

Postpartum Rehabilitation

Pregnancy School

Modern CesareanSection

Mammary Glands Healthcare












Keqin Wang Chief Physician   Master Tutor Director of Department of Obstetrics 

Jie Bai  Deputy Chief Physician  Deputy Director of Department of Obstetrics

Yanru Liu  Chief Physician   Professor   Master Tutor (by appointment)

 Binjiang LvChief Physician   Professor (by appointment)

Qi Wang  Chief Physician   Professor (by appointment)

Xiaoying Han  Chief Physician   Professor (by appointment)

Yanqiu Wei   Deputy Chief Physician (by appointment)

Rulan Xu   Chief Physician (by appointment)

Minghua Wang  Chief Physician

Yanping Xu   Chief Physician  

Yanjie Chen  Deputy Chief Physician

Lili Meng Attending Physician

Jing Sun Attending Physician

Xiaojing Zhang Attending Physician

Feng Ding Resident Physician

Yan Li Psychologist

Yan Dai Chief Physician  Director of Postpartum Rehabilitation Center

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