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About GlobalCare

Founded in July of 2004 and fully certified by ISO standards, GlobalCare Women and Children’s Hospital is a comprehensive grade II medical organization, offering high-quality medical services with international standards. You will enjoy full spectrum and life-cycle health management at GlobalCare. It has 10 key specialty centers: Gynecology, Obstetrics, Reproductive Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Healthcare Management, Plastic Surgery, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breast Surgery, Dentistry, and General departments including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, and ENT. GlobalCare is staffed with specialists from national renowned Grade IIIA hospitals and partnered with top public hospitals through green channels. With its International Expert Consultation, VIP Clinic, Remote Consultation, Test-tube Baby Treatment Platform, Pelvic-floor Rehabilitation Center and Family Doctor Services, GlobalCare is more than qualified to meet the healthcare needs of high-end guests. It’s partnership with top medical insurances companies offers more convenience to policy-holders through direct billing services. Following the philosophy of “professionalism, intelligence, quality and humanities”, GlobalCare commits itself to offering comprehensive and multi-language medical services to its customers with its distinguishing “personalized medical service” model.

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