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Qirui Ren 
Chief Physician   Professor

Expertise, Disease and Conditions: TCM gynecology; Respiratory diseases; Allergic diseases
Work Experience: over 40 years
Certification: TCM apprentice trainer by China Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Health and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China
Education: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 




Wei Li  
Deputy Chief Physician   Associate Professor    

Director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Expertise, Disease and Conditions:Hyperplasia of mammary glands; Mastitis; Agalactosis; Menoxenia; Amenorrhea; Dysmenorrheal; Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease; Involution syndrome; Post-abortion syndrome; Puerperium syndrome; Intrahepatic cholestasis; Sub-health ; Other diseases of nervous and digestive systems; Effective regulation of nerve and endocrine through Chinese medicine; Acupuncture and moxibustion; Cupping therapy

Work Experience:over 30 years




Rui Yang    
Attending Physician

Expertise, Disease and Conditions:Gynecological endocrine diseases, such as Metropathia hemorrhagica, Leventhal syndrome, Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrheal, Perimenopausal syndrome, Infertility due to endocrine disorder; Prenatal and postpartum recuperation; Gynecological inflammations, including chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, virus infection diseases and HPV infections

Work Experience: 30 years

Education:Beijing University of Chinese Medicine



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