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Department of Family Planning

Led by experienced national experts, GlobalCare’s Department of Family Planning leverages advanced equipments to conduct surgeries such as superconducting visual abortion and microtubule abortion. It not only alleviates pain, but also effectively controls the occurrence of abortion complications. Its scientific and systematic “mini puerperium” care service protects patients’ privacy and provides women with comprehensive physical and mental health care.



 ● Microtubule Abortion
 ● Superconducting Visual Abortion
 ● Minimally Invasive Procedure for Ectopic Pregnancy
 ● Placement and Removal of Intrauterine Device
 ● Comprehensive Post- AbortionRecuperation
 ● Prenatal and Postnatal Care Consultation
 ● GlobalCare’s Superiority

 High Efficiency

Same Day Diagnosis, Examination, Operation and Discharge


Avoidance of Uterine Perforation by Using Smooth, Soft and Meticulous Macromolecular Microtubule

 Low Pain

Efficacy in Analgesia


Avoidance of Extensive Scraping of the Uterus and Reductions of Infections, Complications and Occurrences of Leftover Tissues through the Visible Removal of Gestational Sac Procedure


Prevention of Infections Realized through Sterilized OperationEnvironment

 Quick Recovery

Reduction of Pain for Women with Unplanned Pregnancy




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