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Department of Gynecology

Department of Gynecology is one of GlobalCare’s core departments. It is composed of 5 centers offering diagnosis and treatment services for minimally invasive surgery, cervical lesions, endocrine disorders, gynecological inflammation, and gynecological tumor. It has long-term partnership with medical centers in USA, UK, and Germany to tackle key issues in gynecological diseases. It regularly holds seminars with internationally renowned gynecology experts to adopt new treatment techniques and tackle new issues, and always stays at the forefront of the industry in China.


The Department is led by top experienced experts in China and consists of a long list of professors, chief physicians and deputy chief physicians. It utilizes advanced medical equipments from USA, Germany, Italy and Japan to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. It offers unique treatment methods integrating western and traditional Chinese medicine, medication and physical therapy, and minimally invasive surgery. It has made major breakthrough and offers world-class treatment in the fields of gynecological inflammation, early stage cervical cancer, vagina tightening and pelvic floor dysfunction.




Minimally Invasive Surgery

Out-Patient Services for “Sexual Satisfaction”

Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) and 4-step Diagnosis and Treatment Technique for Cervical Cancer
  • Interventional Ultrasound Technology
Assessments of Sexual Function Through Assessment Software


Green Physical Therapy Hysteroscopy Technology Pelvic Floor Muscle Recovery Treatment
Focused Ultrasound Technology Treating White Lesions of the Vulva Laparoscopy Technology “Bridge” Suture Technique for Vagina Wall
LEEP Minimally Invasive Technology Treating Cervical Lesions Vaginal Procedure Excess Clitoral Prepuce Removal
PC Medium Frequency Drug Infusion Technology Improving Accuracy of Targeted Drug Delivery


Layered Hymen-Repairing Procedure Under Microscope
3D Colposcopy Diagnosis Technology


Labia Minora Restoration


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